Commercial Insurance

Risk mitigation for every type of industry, any type of risk.

Our clients needs are broad, thus the range of insurance products we place is vast and must be able to address each particular business's specific needs.

AB Phillips has access to the international insurance markets as well as local markets. This ensures we can always obtain appropriate insurance cover for our clients at a competitive price.

Insurance for specific industries

Niche policies are designed to protect against specific risks. They are risks so specific to an industry that they cannot feasibly be covered by broader policies.

Consequently, you need a broker who maintains a thorough understanding of your industry.

AB Phillips meets the niche coverage needs of medium enterprises in more than a dozen industries, including:

  • Accounting, Financial Planning & Legal
  • Health
  • Not For Profit
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Building & Construction
  • Farm & Agribusiness
  • Science & Technology
  • Transport & Logistics

To talk with us about how AB Phillips can work for your business email or call us on 1300 685 606 today.


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