How it works

AB Phillips has created a series of simple steps with approvals built into every stage so you are fully in control of the process.

1. Mailing list

AB Phillips reviews your client listing with you to generate an accurate and targeted mailing list (ideal for your other marketing campaigns).

We then produce and conduct your mail-out using your letterhead and our standard product materials.

Clients take up the cover by sending you their payment.

Graph - typical category conversion rates

You can typically expect 20-35% of your clients to take up the offer. Another 15% will decline. The remaining clients may take up the offer in the future in response to the annual mailing.

2. Administration and claims

We visit your office to instruct your administrative staff in accepting payments - all it takes is one tick in a box using the client portal.

Claims can be made easily by downloading and completing our Claim Application form.

Your administrative staff only spend a couple of hours a year on AB Phillips.

(It’s probably no more than the time they now spend managing and explaining invoices for your existing responses to government queries and audits.)

3. Billing

AB Phillips will invoice your practice fortnightly in arrears against paid premiums. 

Our system is able to import the transaction file into your practice management system to streamline your end of month reconciliations and reporting. 

4. On-going

Our customer service and focus on Account Management is unique in this market. We provide your staff with “lunch & learn” updates and presentations throughout the year.

Once a year, we will repeat the client mailing process to ensure your clients’ policies are always current and to provide all clients with an opportunity to reconsider their coverage.

Policy switching

You and your clients can take advantage of AB Phillips’s audit insurance coverage by migrating across from an existing policy midstream.

It’s as simple as signing the application form and we can do the rest.

We will append them immediately to your AB Phillips policy and organise a refund from your existing provider. There is no need to re-contact existing policy holders.

To talk with us about how AB Phillips can work for your business email or call us on 1300 685 606 today.

Tax and Government Audit Insurance

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